No Comment

The bigger picture within the smaller picture….I’ve been asked on a few occasions why the reader of this entertaining and relevant site 😉 cannot comment on any of the postings.

My Dear welcomed and appreciated Reader, I value your curiosity in visiting me in my Home Sweet Home Site. And as a gracious host, I hope I served you well with my thoughts and straight up words of honesty and just plain old chuckles.

My intent is to make you think happy. And if I get real lucky, make you FEEL genuinely happy!

That’s it. And if my positive energy has tapped you on the shoulder and whispered in your ear to smile and smile BIG, then….I’m good.

The love I give to you is the love I receive. And I simply cannot say in words the grace I receive from you and how it fills me with humble gratitude.

And I GRACIOUSLY THANK YOU, (not in a yelling way but an excited appreciative way) for being one of my peoples who visits a sweet ole gammy every now and then 😊