IRONIC 2020...While sitting next to irony for a year, I mused how unusual influences of profundities juxtaposed life. However, there is a Grace we may find within this extraordinary time otherwise not seen or shared.

2021 is a Renaissance not a do-over: 2021 is a Do-Anew

The Covenant of Humanity is sacred. Shouldn’t be messed with. But alas, with clarity of sight, of which we should no longer look the other way in silence, there are those who intently betray this fundamental expectation of decency. 2020 has clearly shown us beyond all reasonable doubt, those who actively betray that which is sacred.

The Rules of Engagement in Civility matter. However, for some, only unto themselves but not onto others. They betray the covenant of reality, of humanity and of relationship for personal, financial, status gain. The deliberate power-gaslighters need to be seen as they want you to see them: humanitarians, selfless, giving, flawed in their sensitivities of caring too much, misunderstood. When really they are simply manipulating a circumstance to make themselves appear as a sympathetic ‘victim’ or self-anointed hero. They are needy to gain favor from anyone who will listen and most importantly anyone who will believe. They act in their foul drama of their own devise, desperately needing to give credibility to the mendacity laid out.

gaslighting. grifter. mendacity. self-anointed empaths. fakers. for some, these are character virtues. so be it.

personal choice. personal need. personal gain. their unmistakable exuberance in living these virtues defines essence of their true being. It’s just who they are, period. They’re relentless at it. manipulators of reality. They’re bigger, better: at least, that’s what they want and need you to believe. so be it.

But. There exist Others. Others who are despised the most by fakers. Others who know better and see with clarity the mendacity: They are ‘The Knowing Sighted’. Futile to manipulate so fakers persist to denigrate. so we be.

Others. We are their jeopardy. fakers intently and systematically display consistent pattern of detestation, disrespect and persistent lying in an attempt to discredit Others. SO WE BE impervious to their mendacity, and live in the covenant of civility.

We all have our place in this world. Them Us, You Me. Sometimes it’s better to appreciate reality than placate to a false sense of unity.

With the high stakes of living life in 2020 and anxiously hoping for our loved ones well being, this mendacity IS BORING OLD AND TIRED. yawn.

Those who want to stay, will stay. Those who are gullible, will believe. Those who are The Knowing Sighted, aren’t around. Interesting how those who should be, aren’t huh?


To my Kindred Spirits a Toast to this year ANEW: “To a year like no other and hopefully none again, that has revealed clarity of sight in who and what really matters in our moment of humble contemplation… Here’s to Strength of Health, to Tenacity of Happiness, and Audacity to be Fearless! To the Here and Now in this Wonderful Moment of Our Unity, Salute!”

We see those who are and those who aren’t. We see what matters most and what doesn’t. Home with my Familia is where I’ll be. I’m thankful for those whom I share a smile across the table with and those whose smile I carry in my mind’s eye. Geography is just a distance between an embrace of Hello. Gratitude for our kinship is the genuine fellowship that unites us together with open arms. And you’re always welcome to join us, if not at the table, then forevermorre in our hearts.

This is my Home Sweet Home True. Quite simply I’m thankful for Home. Brick and mortar is the house, people is the Home. But what truly gives me pause of gratitude is the grounding and practice of grace and understanding that is inherent within my Home. Not gullible, not complacent, not look the other way; but true actuality of what is and not what is want that cannot be.

Everyday woken up to is a promise of yes, maybe and thank you. Familiar faces to look upon and voices of those who are not here but are close in my thoughts nonetheless. Those beautiful souls who graced my life with theirs then moved upwards. And those once in a lifetime instant connections with extraordinary people who I have crossed paths with and never stepped off. I’ve been sincerely blessed over my years to have these ‘once in a lifetime’ a few times.


So be humble each morning woken up to and be grateful for the simple mercy you did; and take for granted not which you are desperate not to lose. Everyday woken up to and thereafter, I’m reminded that our fate just may be determined for us BUT our legacy is determined by us. We may not have a say in our fate; but we do in the todays we own and how we will be remembered in the tomorrows we leave behind.

“The best revenge is not to be like your enemy. The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be; Be one. When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” -Marcus Aurelius-

Being human is a beautiful contradiction in the most intricately, fascinating and complicated of ways; and preferably, all at the same time: It’s intimidating and exciting; confusing and enlightening and purposely challenging navigating ourselves through life. But the way through is there. Appreciate our best characteristic of being human; our frailty and strength in-sync united as one.

Beautifully wired with Mother Nature’s best intentions, we are nonetheless, human beings with alike frailties, and the potential for getting it right. When enough is enough, it’s time.

Correction of corrupted truth and innuendo = Just-Is. Just Cause. Renaissance 2021

Live in the Spirit of Civility. Love fiercely in honoring the covenant of true relations. And humble in the simplicity of truth in what is and what isn’t.