This Is Getting Boring

gaslighting. grifter. mendacity. self-anointed empaths. fakers. for some, these are character virtues.

personal choice. personal need. personal gain. their unmistakable exuberance in living these virtues defines essence of their true being.

It’s just who they are, period. They’re relentless at it. manipulators of reality. They’re bigger, better. At least, that’s what they want and need you to believe.

But. There exist others. Others who are despised the most by fakers. Others who know better and see with clarity the mendacity: They are The Knowing Sighted. Futile to manipulate so fakers persist to denigrate.

Others. We are their jeopardy. fakers intently and systematically display consistent pattern of detestation, disrespect and persistent lying in an attempt to discredit Others.

Basic gaslighting tactic: get to the audience first. Uh huh. lay down the mendacity first so anyone coming in after with truth/reality is the Underdog right from the get-go. Whatever is said by Underdog is perceived to be petty, nasty or having a grudge against the ‘vulnerable’ gaslighter/faker.

Afterall, the methodical power-faker is perceived as a humanitarian, selfless, sensitive, giving, caring too much. A flawless, popular, phenomenal human being.