Measure of Humanity, My Morning Muse

What is my personal measure of my Humanity?

I asked myself this question early this morning.

I quietly snuck outside with a fresh brewed cup of coffee in hand and sat facing the new morning’s sunrise.

The sounds and look of this Saturday morning are brand new and untouched by the long hours ahead.

Then out of nowhere, it came to me…. this moment is the promise of ‘brand newness’ for the rest of this brand-new day. It is unspoken, it is unwritten, and it has yet to happen. I don’t know what it will look like or how it will feel, but when I step into this new day, I look forward with excited anticipation of what lies ahead.

For me, dear, the rise of an early morning is the sweet spot of my waking. It is untouched and newly born. How I nurture the coming hours ahead is mine.

And what I do, what I say, and how I do, is my measure of my humanity. Because ultimately, my actions or non-actions ripples into the universe.

I thought of qualities that define such a big thought as ‘humanity’ (yes, my coffee is almost done and getting cold) and I thought of things like compassion, ‘true-ity’ of giving,  kindness, quiet yet bigness of love for others, grace of heart…and then, I got to my destination of thought!

Keep up dear, I think fast, connect dots even faster, so stay with me here, it’s very inspiring!

It’s my oldest Grandson! He is who I was thinking of all along in my brand-new day! Now, how did this happen?

This is how gammy J’s mind works if I don’t get in its way. Openness of my mind, my heart and my soul comes inspiration. I have learned not to question why but to be open to the universe and listen when it whispers to me.

And my oldest Grandson is its whisper.

He is coming up on an important birthday, as he will be stepping into a new marker of his big wonderful adventurous life. Yes, the teen-ages are on their way. The seven years of teen-being. How very exciting, how very new and fresh!

Which is a good time for a new fresh cup of coffee….

So what is my measure of my humanity? Grace.

And Grace is the measure of my Grandson’s Humanity. He is all those qualities I spoke of earlier.

And the quirky irony of the beauty of the promise of the ‘new-ness’ of what lies ahead, is how unassuming and unrecognized it may be even as it is happening. And this is my dear Grandson. He doesn’t wholeheartedly recognize it yet, how significantly interesting and meaningful he is to me and the family. That as he steps into the brand newness of every day, his courage and very being ripples into my life and the lives of his family in a purposeful and important way.

So, as a gammy, I get to be unabashedly selfish and brag to you the reader, and the whole wide world, that MY (😊) oldest Grandson is the inspiration of Humanity that all of us should be so lucky to be even a little part of.

And as his approaching teenage years get closer, the promise of ‘brand newness’ for the rest of his brand-new days ahead is unspoken, unwritten, and has yet to happen. He doesn’t know what it will look like or how it will feel, but when he steps into his new days, I hope he looks forward with excited anticipation of what lies ahead.