I know one. I know a human being who is now a number. A number of a virus count. Huh. It feels heavy.

This human being, a woman, cannot have her people with her. And we, cannot have her with us.

So now what? Well, I know this for certain…I have a responsibility to ensure that the wholeness of this beautiful human being not be reduced to a numerical count.

She has lived many days on this earth that are significant and meaningful to many other human beings. And I call us, not “other human beings”, but, HER PEOPLE.

We, her people, rally deep within ourselves, the strength of fierce healing hope and strong faith that we feel for her and project onto her when we think and speak of her.

We are relentless in our hope and faith, despite our fears of ‘what the hell’ and the unknown that we are not allowed see.

The future seems too far ahead. In these days, today and tomorrow are about as far as I go. And in this day that I am in right now, looking around in my little corner of the world, there is a linger of “unknown”.

I see it with such clarity that it’s overwhelming. My chest tightens a little, and I feel that hug of warm heavy uncertainty that “unknown” breeds. That uncertainty that I’m allowed to feel, but not to see. And I go with it… to feel it.

There’s no where to outrun it, even if I could. No, I feel it. I don’t welcome it, I become acquainted with it.

Afterall, feeling uncertainty and acknowledging “unknown-ness” is just as essential in being human as feeling love, joy and hope. We are a package deal.

Then I let it go. I don’t want uncertainty to linger within me. It’s not useful. I know it’s there but it doesn’t live with me or for me.

So my person within my people is hurting.

I forgo the fear of her future and with fierce purpose and resolve project my good energy on her, to her, for her.

I want for her to feel her people’s deep love and unrelenting strength in our want for her healing and health resolve.

The living statistic that I know in this coronavirus pandemic is my light that embraced me many years ago unconditionally. Today, let us all embrace her in our light and warm her hope, faith and resolve to come back to us.