Today is mine. It is a lovely day indeed. Oh dearie, I’m not being all that indulgent of myself, just enough to acknowledge how ‘happy’ has embraced me throughout my years.

My horoscope for this lovely day, is well, fitting for me. I like it.

In part, it reads, devote a portion of the day to brainstorming around your most passionate pursuits. Huh, most passionate pursuits, so many to choose from, really.

People. MY people is where I will start today. Without my people, what is there to pursue?

I have learned from my extraordinary people before me, that our personal interests that excite us to pursue, are not our true passion of our life. They are acts of pursuit of an interest that we are curious and excited to act upon.

True pursuit of meaningful people relationships is a real passion. Ah yes, when you reflect on your pursuits of what, where, when and why...isn’t who the bestest part? We are always amongst people in our pursuits. The best ones are with the ‘who’.

So on this, my day of birth, just the right amount of years ago, I shall pursue happiness with the who(s) I look forward to brainstorming with.