…on the Eve of…


…the good, the bad or the ugly, we have to handle them all. For all of them will be what one calls, Life.

We seem to have a handle on how to celebrate and enjoy the good times, but falter or break in the bad. We have to figure out how to acknowledge and deal with those things that don’t go our way; like the disappointments, the betrayals, the failings because they happen just like the joys, the amazements and the proud. Expect.

Expect you will handle the bad and the ugly just as well as you handle the good.

Grace and Courage. Even in the thick of ugly, fiercely hold onto your tenacity of kindness and goodwill. So on the eve of uncertainty before being enlightened with the news, tell yourself to be courageous. Courage gives you fierce strength to receive the news. And tell yourself to feel grace. To be soft and vulnerable, and human. To be of grace is to be kind to yourself and those closest to you.

The ugly will not define you, nor will it be a part of you. The ugly may determine your fate but not your destiny. You are still in charge of your destiny. How your life will look and feel after the “eve of”, is up to you. Be kind to you.