when I called You stupid

I understand how upset you are when I called you stupid; but, really dear, I thought you already knew. You just have to know how stupid you are behaving because it’s quite a performance, and you’re rather amusing.

But I suppose it’s like that saying that you don’t know when you’re dead, it’s only hard for everyone else, kinda like when you’re stupid. And where the heck are those people you’ve surrounded yourself with eh? Shouldn’t they have your best interests at heart enough to tell you to human up and stop being such an obvious Patsy.

Patsy is an old-world reference of someone(s) who does someone else’s bidding. Usual bidding is petty jealousy. And stupid rules a patsy when they eventually believe in what they’re doing with such reverence that they just live and breath the lies. They blindly, willingly or whateveringly, buy into  their puppet-master’s (better yet, fake martyr) motives as they cannot think for themselves. S-t-u-p-i-d. The spelling was typed slowly so you could keep up, dear.

Now, before I go any further, some of you may be a little put off by gammy J using such a word, as it’s harsh and insensitive. But I don’t consider ‘patsy’ to be a harsh word dear.

Do you feel your backbone when you stand up? I do too, dear, and this is what it looks like when grown-ups stand up and call out the lowest common denominator amongst us when they are stupid.

And why can we not call out stupid?

We can and we shall. Now listen here Patsy, your behavior is a clear indicator of your true self. You see, dearie, your conduct is strictly on you and with crystal clarity says everything about you and fake martyr. What you spew reflects nothing about whom you regurgitate what you’ve been fed. In simpler words, stupid dear, the person you slam is not the bad guy, you are the bad guy. You and fake martyr come off as desperate. Weak actually. So you leave it to the rest us to decide if you’re either weak, or stupid…or both! Those are the only options you’ve given us.

You apparently have no one who cares enough about you to point out your stupidity or even better, you just don’t care. So please do us all a favor….and never change. You and fake martyr put on the most amusing farcical performances that keeps audiences entertained. 

Dear readers, you have most likely crossed paths with a Patsy in your workplace or personal lives…do you wonder if these types of individuals know what the rest of us see? hmmm…naw, they’re probably too stupid.

Don’t you think that as one matures, um wait, wrong word…ages, one must have garnered vision and knowledge independent of another ? That another is the one who has a personally vested interest in obviously keeping Patsy blind and ignorant. Simply said another way, grow up and think for themselves?

Nope, Patsy has no wanting to reason or think for themselves = malleable putty = deficit of character = blissful ignorance = minion. (and not the cute kind)

Abraham Lincoln, yes I knew him dear, said it best…”Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.” But some people just can’t help themselves can they?  PATSY!

Deceit is that particular virtue of one’s character that comes naturally to some. And as honesty is a virtue, I say, so is deceit. Deceptions must be protected at all costs to save face and contrived credibility of the fake martyr or deceiver. Deceiver and Patsy are a complementary AND complimenting pairing.

The deceiver has given their Patsy a purpose; therefore, Patsy doesn’t exert any effort in being anything more than a remote controlled, stupid little minion of deceit. You poor dear.

So little minion,  better yet, Patsy Minion, most people would tell you “what you don’t see with your own eyes, don’t invent with your tongue”.

But gammy J is not most people. I find you delightfully insignificant. Please Please Please don’t change. You’re fun to make fun of, don’t take that away from me!

Sometimes you can’t fix what is broken. so continue on.