Ask Her

To all the girls, young ladies and mature-er ladies…just ask her.

When you see a woman whose style you like, is in a role in life that you want to be in or simply admire where she’s at in her life….ask her how she did it. Ask her how she got to be where she’s at.

Why are you re-inventing the wheel when it ain’t broke. Similarly, why are you re-inventing a path that was already taken and led the way to where you want to be. The only thing you don’t know that is broke is the steps to the connecting path to where you want to be. So fix that. Ask the woman who is where you want to be, how she took her first steps. Then take the same, and be on YOUR way.

Don’t lose sight that you too can walk her path and get to where she’s at, BUT, the way in which you connect your dots is unique to you and your own, not hers.

Us women need to stick together and be open to share, and accept that what is common to us all actually unifies us one and all. We can learn from one another and take that knowledge and make our own way along the same paths.

….ask her..