Mother of all Hindsight

Seeing into the future to know how I should handle something in the ‘now’ is a superpower I wish I had in my youth, and quite frankly, even now.

Even just a peek for a sliver of time to get an idea of how and what to do.

Because isn’t it always the way that when you wish you could have had that hindsight, you’re already sitting on the other side of your decision. And maybe just wishing you’d done it differently?

Then it occurred to me. That tried and true cliche, “hindsight is 20/20”, is me!

I’m the hindsight that is the living example of seeing into the future and how it turns out, then making your decision now… gammy j evermorre has after all, lived through a few decades to acquire such Providence. Take a breath dear, your very own mothers are divine oracles of suggestion too.

So dearies, when you are troubled in your indecision, be humble and ask for wisdom. Go to your mother and be grateful for her life lived before yours and all that she has tried and true.

And for a sprinkle of sparkle, ask your grandmothers for their insight. Their wisdom is unfiltered and honest in the purest form of hope, love and faith.