Patsy Minion

*updated* also see “When I called You Stupid” post

Some people love to play the fool and are delightfully insignificant to those they are playing to.

And while it may seem contrarian to the decency of one’s kindness to see someone you know falter and be the court jester, keep in mind, they are behaving exactly as they intend.

It’s the one-up-manship to stick it to you that is being played through. And to think it’s all done for you, with you in mind! Aren’t you the delightfully significant one.

Do you ask yourself which of their two faces are you talking to? Well, dear, it’s the same face that will be dissing you behind your back. Rest assured, the context of a conversation between you and Patsy, will not be told to others the same way. Patsy will embellish, lie and contrive at your expense. And shame on the gullible, feeble-minded people that listen and believe that nonsense. But those are Patsy minded people too!

….more to come