Wisdom & Antics of the Young-ins

I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, my darhlings very interesting thoughts and behaviors over our years together. Now the good ones I proclaim they get from my side of the family and the others, my husband’s. Or, as my beloved husband is now known as, Popi, grandfather.

Highlights of my favorites from each of my darhlings follow starting with my eldest…

My favoritest oldest son ever in the whole wide world has an inherent proclivity to make the ordinary a legendary tale. Kaw Kaw is one of the funniest stories in his repertoire. As I’m typing and thinking about him telling the story, I can see the twinkle in his eyes light up and his mischievous smile spill the sequence of events. It makes me giggle with a heartiness so much so that I have to pause. Apparently I can’t type accurately and chuckle at the same time. Now, for those of you in the know, you’re getting a kick again outta this antic, for the rest of you, just be rest assured that being the lookout guy be best done not in front of the boss.

This tale goes something like this…working long, hard hours during a business day needs a little dash fun every now and then. On this particular day, there was challenge of a sporting activity amongst colleagues and after my dear son’s go at it, he was the lookout guy for if the big boss happened their way. All he had to do was give a signal to his colleagues and the sporting activity would stop and business work would resume. Well, needless to say, as he took his post the big boss was directly upon him and everything happened so fast, he had to give the signal, and all that came out of his mouth was, “Kaw Kaw!” right to the face of the big boss. Of course, the big boss questioned out loud, what the f*** is wrong with this guy? But this isn’t the best part…at the time of this, my son was the new guy on the job and this was his first impression made to the big boss!

Golfing is a sport some take too seriously for my reasoning. Yes, it has its appeal for whatever reason but I most appreciate my oldest son’s approach to this ‘activity’. His way is a balance between skill, competitive sportsmanship and enjoyment of camaraderie AND his most graceful and masterful execution of the ‘Happy Gilmore’ stroke.

My favoritest youngest son ever in the whole wide world has a propensity to reflect deep into thought…“Genius is not endlessly combining and manipulating to achieve some end goal. It is being able to recognize potential in something mundane or accidental and achieving success through that”.

My favoritest darhling baby girl, is well my favoritest girl in the whole wide world. And quite simply is divine…”They say, pain is for the weak. But pain is for those with the strength to remember”.

…more to come…be patient dear…